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    500 ABARTH 2014+MY Updates and News

      For those that have purchased a MY2014 or MY2015  Abarth 1.4L Multiair Turbo, the wait for flash tune availability has been frustrating and painstakingly long. Over the last few weeks, Dimsport and Eurocompulsion have worked together and made great...

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    The EUROCOMPULSION FIAT 124 Spider Build

      Say "hello" to our EC 124 Spider Classica. We've eagerly awaited this car, and now it's finally here! Development has already commenced and is moving rapidly. We're currently installing, and currently running some new modifications. Here is what she...

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     The question of converting to a big turbo setup comes often but there are a lot of things to consider and digest when making this jump. Additional parts and components are required and you should have a basic mechanical knowledge...

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