All of our calibrations/tunes are created in house using the latest technology, including our new DIMSPORT 4WD HLS Dyno. This Dyno allows us to not only measure power but to actually measure a wide variety of parameters to ensure precise and safely developed calibrations. This Dyno is one of the very few that utilize HLS technology which allows us to ensure rotational wheel speed from axle to axle unlike traditionally offered belt driven systems that do not offer the required accuracy required to calibrate newer FCA vehicles such as the New Alfa Romeo Giulia, 4C and the Fiat 1.4L based Fiat 500 Abarth and Fiat 124 Abarth.

Advanced Calibrations:

 Having an in-house Dyno is imperative for advanced calibrations and trouble shooting. Our dyno allows us to accurately simulate different driving scenarios including RPM-Hold (which locks RPM to a determined RPM Range) and allows us to gather a plethora of data while simulating constant speed, acceleration and deceleration data from numerous outputs. Combining extensive road testing and advanced Dyno simulations ensures smooth power bands, significant power increases and improved drive-ability characteristics.


 The mechanical reliability of the dynamometer is determined by the use of high quality parts, laser technology and lower tolerance in the production process. This method - although remarkably expensive - allows to offer a superior quality and a more performing range of dynamometers. Therefore, the mechanical maintenance of the dyno is reduced, less frequent and simplified. This is valid also for the hydraulic system offered in the HLS® version: as a term of comparison, dynamometers with belts to transfer the traction between front/rear axle require a careful technical monitoring every 40 hours of use and frequent inspections to verify the correct set-up.

The version supplied with HLS® system (Hydraulic Link System) allow the hydraulic link between front/rear axles to determine the same revolution speed: this is why tests on vehicles, that could not be dynoed otherwise (because of their four wheel drive with electronic/mechanical system distributing engine torque between front/rear axles in a non-proportional way), can be safely carried out with HLS® system. This feature therefore constrains electronic systems like traction, stability and braking control so making the test possible. 

DYNORACE is the only dynamometer with the possibility to link or disconnect front/rear axles thanks to this HLS® system, in case of vehicles that do not require this link or when this link can be even dangerous. The choice of the hydraulic system rather than toothed belts or driving shafts was preferred to guarantee maximum safety during tests with high torque and high revolution of the rollers. 

This also allows to use rollers with smaller diameter so having a more compact size of the whole dyno, that can anyway be adapted to the vehicle being tested thanks to a motorized reducer. 
Moreover, all dynamometers of the DYNORACE line are mechanically engineered to support max 2.500 kg per axle and are equipped with a blocking and lifting system of the rollers in order to make this operation easier and again, safer.

Finally, Dynorace line is accessorized by items that can better support or complete its tests. The electric and electronic part managing the working of the dyno is common to all versions (a panel next to the dynamometer), while the software managing is carried out through a Personal Computer. 

The data acquired can be integrated by additional parameters made available by the analog acquisition system and a kit to assess the wide band oxygen value.

Failure to utilize an HLS Dyno with newer FCA vehicles will result in inaccurate readings. If you cannot find a Dimsport 4WDHLS Dyno in your area Superflow has a dyno: 880E AWD Dyno, which can also be utilized.


From the Dodge Dart 1.4L to the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio utilizing the proper equipment and experience is paramount. 

In Sync

Utilizing Dimsport for both Dyno and Tuning Software streamlines progress and improves accuracy for powerful &  reliable calibrations.


This system can be linked and unlinked for other vehicles allowing us to utilize our Dyno for a variety of platforms and testing.


Please contact us below to schedule Dyno time. Our Dyno is located in Sapulpa OK, a short trip outside of Tulsa.

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