EUROCOMPULSION® was established in 2012 after successfully introducing the first air induction system for the North American Fiat 500 Abarth with advanced tuning calibrations following shortly thereafter. We specialize in vehicles that evoke an emotive response and the initial purchase is driven in this regard. Using science, advanced materials and testing methods to increase performance we believe in the duality and harmoniously emotive based styling with leading edge technology.


Since 2012, EUROCOMPULSION® has worked as an advanced performance entity for the Fiat, Abarth and Alfa Romeo Market in the United States. As these brands have grown, so have we. Our work has now superseded the Italian - American market, and has expanded into the entire FCA platform, including work on Jeep, Dodge, and Ford.

We specialize in development with streamlined access and manufacture of performance based products for a multitude of applications. We design, develop and manufacture all of our silicone in our own manufacturing facility located in the USA and Europe. This is also true for our engine management calibrations as they are developed by us in the United States, in house. We are one of the very few companies who perform both silicone design, development, manufacture and also develop tuning calibrations "in house" with zero out-sourcing. 

During development, we utilize a multitude of standardized scientific based tests as well as logging real world miles on multiple vehicles prior to product release. Testing is done both on the road as well as on the bench. Something we are very proud of and will ensure expected and advertised performance figures are met.


We're all driven by something. Our vehicles evoke an emotive response that drives our desire to enhance the driving experience. At EUROCOMPULSION, we're all driven specialists and most importantly, enthusiasts of the cars we develop performance solutions for.

Using science, advanced materials and testing methods, we believe in the duality of emotive based styling and leading edge technology to enhance the driving experience. We live to drive our cars, just as we hope you do too.


We partner with and carry many different performance brands to meet the needs of enthusiasts and clients.

However, our central focus is on in-house performance solutions designed, produced, and implemented by our own technicians and carried under the EUROCOMPULSION brand.

These areas include but are not limited to (see below):




Development of advanced performance calibration models, as well as improved efficiency and economy mapping, all delivered via developed OBDII based methods or direct circuit based methods. Simple performance made easy for the end user.


Design, development, and production of competition grade silicone hose for advanced air induction systems and other performance air delivery systems (such as cooling hoses, intercooler kits, etc)


This includes partnership and development of throttle controllers, external modules, a revolutionary plug and play boost gauge, and more.


All of our calibrations/tunes are created in house using the latest technology, including our  4WD HLS Dyno. This Dyno allows us to not only measure power but to actually measure a wide variety of parameters to ensure precise and safely developed calibrations. This dyno unit is one of the very few that utilize HLS (hydraulically linked system) technology which allows us to ensure rotational wheel speed from axle to axle unlike traditionally offered belt driven systems.  In many cases, and with newer vehicles, this type of measurement tool is required to accurately test and calibrate proper tuning procedures.


Every carbon fiber piece has been developed, designed, and created to excel in all categories: form, fit, and function. Every single item is prototyped, tested, and installed on our own vehicles. We deploy them daily on the track, street, and up against the seasonal elements to guarantee they not only enhance your visual aesthetic, but satisfy the highest expectations. Our team is dedicated to transforming your ride into a true reflection of your own individuality, passion, and determination. 


All 2012 and newer FIAT, ABARTH, ALFA ROMEO, & MASERATI.

All 2017 and newer JEEP & DODGE.

ENGINE platforms include:

- 1.4L Multi-Air NA/TURBO Based Vehicles

- 2.4L Tigershark/Mopar Based Vehicles

- 4.7L Maserati Based Vehicles

- 1.75L Alfa Romeo Based Vehicles

- 2.9L Alfa Romeo Based Vehicles

- 2.0L GME Alfa Romeo / Jeep / Dodge Based Vehicles


We have (1) primary location in the United States as well as a growing list of authorized installers spanning the country to allow us to better serve you and your performance needs. We own multiple trademarks and patents for processes and products and strive to develop the most reliable and efficient solutions available. We are all driven engineers,specialists and most importantly enthusiasts of the cars we spend time developing performance solutions for. We own, drive and obsess over them just as we hope you do.

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