• - Merchandise must be returned with original packaging, and original contents. 
  • - Special Order items can NOT be canceled, exchanged or returned.  
  • - All Genuine parts from Fiat and Alfa Romeo are special order items. 
  • - Returns that are found to be defective, all prior shipping costs, insurance costs, are absolutely non-refundable.  
  • - If you want the item returned, you must pay all return shipping and handling charges. 
  • - Absolutely NO returns on electrical items.  
  • - If a suitable replacement cannot be made within 15 business days, your money will be refunded less shipping costs.  
  • - Any non-defective Return items will be charged a 15% restocking fee. 
  • - Any non-defective items cannot be returned after 10 days of receiving item(s)
  • - Installed items if not defective are non-returnable.  
  • - We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for typographical ERRORS. 
  • - We are not responsible for installation, either fiscally or physically. 
  • - All items purchased through Affirm or Third Party Financing are not eligible for returns or refunds. 
  • - Defective items may be exchanged or replaced with an identical item if determined to be defective. 
  • - Second hand items are not subject to warranty or returns. 
  • - Lifetime Warranty on Silicone is not transferrable unless special circumstances apply, which we reserve the right to recognize at our discretion. 
  • - Limited/Non-Transferrable Life-time Warranty for all EUROCOMPULSION® SILICONE


  • - Items listed as SPECIAL ORDERS cannot be canceled, Period. They may have an extended delivery time due to a known low availability or are not an in stock item due to pricing structure. 
  • - With Exchanges/replacements, it is necessary that we must first receive the merchandise.  
  • - Exchanges are allowed within 20 days of purchase for defective items only.  
  • - Professional installation is recommended on all of our products.  
  • - Carbon fiber pieces are hand made and may have slight variations from one piece to another, if you are unhappy with the item you received or have questions about fitment, please contact us first.


  • - Some items used and/or installed by EUROCOMPULSION®/EURO+DRIVE®/TUNERlink® may void portions of your vehicle's factory warranty. Some items may not be legal for "on highway use". 
  • - EUROCOMPULSION®/EURO+DRIVE®/TUNERlink® make NO guarantees to the legality of any parts used for "on highway vehicles". 
  • - *Off-Road & Race Use Only “Not legal for sale for, or use on, pollution-controlled vehicles.”
  • -  “Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway". 
  • - Not applicable or intended for street or highway use.
  • - Eurocompulsion cannot guarantee the success of or achievement of exact stated power gains while using modifications not tested in house or recommended by Eurocompulsion. Results are subject to vehicle variables including wear and user maintenance, as well as variation in dyno type or testing methods When testing results, always follow proper dyno procedures, use appropriate fuel, and compare to vehicle specific stock deltas. 
  • - Eurocompulsion is not responsible for damage caused by or incurred by other modifications or user error/installation error by user or third party. 
  • - End user is responsible for all unlock fees should they be incurred due to: dealership flash over of tune file prior to flashing back to stock, user error in use of the handheld, or user reset of the handheld without authorization of Eurocompulsion.  
  • - EURO+DRIVE/TUNERlink® or any other tuning devices in nature purchased are considered electronic devices, and not eligible for refunds or returns. We will honor warranty and exchange on defective items. 
  • - Variables in power output or vehicle condition/performance are not eligible conditions for returns/refunds. 
  • - Any EURO+DRIVE/TUNERlink® or other tuning device in nature that is non-defective, but has had the security seal broken, is considered used and is not eligible for return or refund.

The EURO+DRIVE and or TUNERlink handheld can easily be reset and memory erased so that you can transfer to another owner or another vehicle. However, failure to flash your ECU back to stock prior to selling your vehicle, selling your handheld, or bringing your car into the dealership for maintenance will lock your handheld and prevent a memory erase from being executed. In this case, you will be forced to send back your handheld and purchase a replacement handheld, or a  credit unlock for $399, no exceptions. 

  • **Beginning August of 2023, we will no longer support the older gen EURO+DRIVE (MyGenius Unit w/buttons) as eligible for transfer credits. Dimsport Italy's (handheld manufacturer) current OS updates super-cede older generation handhelds, and their software no longer reliably supports the management of these units.** 
  • - **We will continue to support original owners of these handhelds with qualified tune updates and map revisions as long as the unit is in working condition and is still paired to the original car. However, we are not liable for the unit's functionality or failure, so you will be using it at your own discretion.**


  • $429 Fee will be required to transfer the hardware from one vehicle to another (IE Sale or Transfer to your new vehicle. Old vehicle needs to be flashed to STOCK) 
  • - $349 Transfer Fee for Clone Units  
  • - REPLACEMENT HANDHELD: ($399) For existing users who have lost, damaged, or locked their units.
  • - UNLOCK CREDITS:   ($399)


  • -  Most 9ZERO Carbon fiber pieces will ship right away, after being processed through the normal order processing time.  With all of our Full Front Lips, Rear Spoilers, & Larger Rear Wings, and smaller items we try to keep them in constant rotation of production, so we always have multiples on the shelf. In this case, the carbon fiber piece will be processed and shipped right away. In the event that we sell out of what is on the shelf, the processing and shipping times listed below for larger, special, or made to order items will be applied.  
  • - Other Carbon Fiber pieces (such as side skirts, diffusers, and hoods) are  large/freight items, special order items, and/or made to order. This may require additional handling/lead time to process, prepare and ship (typically a maximum of 90 days to arrive at your destination). 
  • -  Made to order or special order items like the above, will be subject to a maximum of 90 days lead time, and are not eligible for refunds, cancellations, chargebacks, or returns. 
  • - By placing this order, you are agreeing to these terms and store policies. If an item is damaged or defective during shipment, we will replace it. 
  • - Please contact us if you have any questions about these policies.


  • All items are sold as strictly RACE/OFF ROAD USE ONLY.  
  • - We are not liable for any damages occurred due to the use/installation of our products, in addition all products not manufactured by the car manufacturer should be considered experimental in design and use. 
  • - Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all products sold by EUROCOMPULSION® LLC are designated Race Only and are solely for competition/off road use limited to racing formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. 
  • - Any other use, including recreational off-road use, may be in violation of local, state, and Federal laws. 
  • - EUROCOMPULSION® LLC does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads; that is entirely the responsibility of the consumer. If you do NOT understand the above information please do NOT use OR purchase the product. 
  • - By purchasing any item from EUROCOMPULSION® LLC, you are agreeing to all the above/below terms/conditions, whether the item is purchased via a 3rd party site or location, example: Another Website/Vendor/Dealership. EUROCOMPULSION reserves the right to refuse or cancel services and orders to any person, individual, and/or entity for any reason. 
  •   - *Off-Road & Race Use Only “Not legal for sale for, or use on, pollution-controlled vehicles.”
  • -  “Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Not applicable or intended for street or highway use.

With all that being said, we want you to be HAPPY with your purchase and we can choose to work with an individual if certain criteria are met, we do NOT work with scammers or fly-by nighters, we know who you are and how you operate. We decide that criteria. We have an extremely high customer service ratings and do our very best to maintain that, because without the customer/client we do not exist. We humbly accept this fact. 




If you’re an auto enthusiast, chances are, you’ve heard the myth that modding your ride with aftermarket accessories automatically cancels your warranty. While this may be true in certain circumstances, you shouldn’t take this as an absolute. According to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty of your vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part was the cause of or contributed to the failure of the vehicle (15 U.S.C. 2302 (C)). This means that a vehicle's warranty cannot be "voided;" the dealer can only deny a claim if the stock part failed due to damage or unreasonable use. 


  When accessorizing your vehicle with aftermarket parts, your warranty claim cannot be automatically denied, nor can your warranty be voided, if you install non-OEM parts in your vehicle. The burden is on the dealer to prove the aftermarket parts caused the failure. For example, if your windshield wiper motors fail, your vehicle’s warranty claim can’t be denied because you installed aftermarket windshield wipers that are different from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Similarly, if a wheel bearing fails or a fan belt snaps and you have an aftermarket exhaust installed, the dealership would have to prove the exhaust system caused the bearing failure or the belt to snap in order to deny a warranty claim. In these types of scenarios, the dealership should have no reason to deny your claims. In addition to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you also have SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) working to protect your rights. Because SEMA represents U.S. aftermarket wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers, they often keep car manufacturers in check by supporting legislation that prevents dealership service providers from denying warranty coverage. This means dealerships have become less stringent when it comes to aftermarket parts that modify performance or suspension. 


At Eurocompulsion®, we only sell reputable brands that thoroughly test their products to ensure your vehicle stays in “the safe zone." Most of our performance parts are bolt-ons, which give you nice performance gains without requiring major modifications or internal engine work. In all reality, you shouldn’t have any problems due to installation of the parts we sell. But, here are a few pointers to avoid some potential pitfalls. Make sure you install the part properly. Carefully follow the installation guides and make sure you check any tolerances. Educate yourself on the parts you’re installing; that’s half the fun of working on your vehicle. If the part is outside your comfort zone, have a professional install it for you. If you need to go to the dealership for any type of warranty issue, choose them wisely, as they will vary in how they handle warranty claims. Check the Internet for reviews to see how they handle problems. If you’ve modified your vehicle with performance parts, it’s always best to work with a dealer that is performance-oriented. In smaller towns, you may not have a choice of dealerships, but rest assured that you’re still protected by the law. Also, if you have a performance tuner installed, it's not a bad idea to program your vehicle back to stock to ensure the dealer doesn’t accidentally reprogram your ride. Simply arm yourself with the knowledge contained on this page, and go in with a smile. No service department wants to deal with (or help) an irate customer. If they don’t want to cover your claim, simply ask them to prove what caused the failure and get it in writing. Remember, legally, you’re protected under the Magnuson-Moss Act. 


  Passed in 1975, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that governs warranties on consumer products. Under this Act, sellers and manufacturers of consumer products must provide consumers with detailed information about warranty coverage. Sponsored by Senator Warren G. Magnuson of Washington and U.S. Representative John E. Moss of California, this Act affects both the obligations of warrantors and the rights of consumers under written warranties. 


 The Act’s purpose is to help consumers understand their products’ warranties and to make these warranties enforceable. In essence, this statute was created to protect consumers from deceptive warranty practices and provide clarity regarding warranties on consumer products. To comply with the Magnuson-Moss Act, consumers should obtain complete information about warranty items and conditions and compare warranty coverage before any purchase. The Act also provides the Federal Trade Commission with a better means to protect consumers, while strengthening the incentive for companies to perform their warranty obligations in a thorough and timely manner. While all consumer products are not required to have warranties, if one is given, it must comply with the Magnuson-Moss Act. 

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