Once you have placed an order we require 24hrs-48hrs to get your order prepped and out the door, any unforeseen delays and you will be notified via email. We often process and release the orders within 24hrs during normal business hours. All orders shipping via USPS/FED-EX/UPS or DHL will receive a notification updating you of tracking #s associated with your order. There are special exceptions depending on the availability of certain items that may not always fall into this expedited category. We will notify you of any possible delays. These shipping and processing times are accurate, unless otherwise noted for special shipping circumstances on the item's description page.


Most 9ZERO Carbon pieces will ship right away, after being processed through the normal order processing time.

With all of our Full Front Lips, Rear Spoilers, & Larger Rear Wings, we try to keep them in constant rotation of production, so we always have multiple on the shelf. In this case, the carbon fiber piece will be processed and shipped right away. In the event that we sell out of what is on the shelf, the processing and shipping times listed below for larger, special, or made to order items will be applied.

Other Carbon Fiber pieces (such as side skirts, diffusers, and hoods) are  large/freight items, special order items, and/or made to order. This may require additional handling/lead time to process, prepare and ship (typically 7-14 days). Shipping to destination time can vary from 15-30 days.


 We ship via UPS and recommend them as our preferred method, as they offer the most economical/reliable solution for 2-3 day shipping in most locations. We have had great success using them as they offer competitive rates and have good success rates of delivering within the 2-5 day ground transit window. We offer global shipping as well, and while it is normally accurate, on rare occasions you may be contacted in regards. However, as the consumer it is your choice in regards to service and carrier at the time of checkout. We will ship via the method you choose.


 All orders will receive tracking info via UPS/FED-EX/USPS or DHL. This usually occurs within 24hrs of placing your order and work hard with other suppliers if an item directly ships to have them retain the same effort we exercise. Package tracking information is directly accessible through your account.

LOST/MISSING PACKAGES & CLAIMS: We are not responsible for lost or missing packages at the hands of the chosen carrier. There are situations where we may make exceptions, but that is at our discretion alone. Once a package leaves our facility, it is then in the hands/responsibility of the carrier service. Any packages lost or missing after leaving shipment successfully from our facility will require the customer to file a claim with the chosen carrier service. 


 Any and all customs/international shipping fees accessed are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping fees for initial shipping and returns. Shipping fees are non-refundable. It is unfortunately impossible for us to accurately quote these fees due to the wide array of countries we ship to. International customs fees, taxes, import fees and any other fees associated are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 



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