EUROCOMPULSION FRONT MOUNT INTER-COOLER KIT for the Fiat 124 Spider and 124 Abarth features heavy duty 5 ply silicone with 4 layers of our KEVTEK reinforcement. These heavy duty pieces are built to withstand pressures of 80+Psi and temperatures of 600+ degrees. Our Silicone piping runs a single uninterrupted line from the turbo to the inter-cooler and a single uninterrupted line from the inter-cooler to the throttle, reducing possible leak points/connection points from 12 down to 4. Our Inter-cooler core features a bar & plate construction and 616ci core volume, 56% larger than the factory system's 394 ci core volume. 

Combined together, our kit will effectively lower intercooler temperatures, increase turbo efficiency and longevity, while helping sustain engine power and efficiency (especially when paired with other power oriented modifications). This kit features brackets for easy mounting and requires ZERO drilling or modifications to your vehicle, maintaining factory-like fitment.

Designed for use with Automatic & Manual Trans Vehicles.


  • Bar and Plate Inter-cooler
  • 56% increase in cooling capacity over factory system (394 to 616ci)
  • Reduced and simplified Hose routing
  • Larger Diameter Piping and End tanks for Higher Flow Capacity
  • Stock IC Diameter at Inlets and Beyond: 1.5 inch
  • EC IC Diameter at Inlets and Beyond: 2.50 inch, reduces to 2.00 inch to turbo
  • (4) Connection points VS (12) Factory Connection Points
  • Zero Drilling or Modification for Installation
  • Factory Fitment
  • Replaces ENTIRE inter-cooler system, no stock hoses used!
  • Reduced Pressure drop/Increase in Cooling efficiency
  • Minimize and eliminate boost leaks/vacuum issues
  • 5ply, KEVTEK Reinforced Silicone
  • Kit Includes Silicone Hoses, Mounting Brackets, Clamps and Inter-cooler Core



  • FIAT 124 Spider / 124 Abarth (Left hand Drive ONLY)
  • Auto Trans: Confirmed Fitment
  • Manual Trans: Confirmed Fitment





    INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: (Thank you Bryan @ NGEN)

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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Raul Ramos Pereira
    Excellent product

    Installation took 4-5 hrs by an experienced mechanic. Somewhat difficult to pass the pipes from end to end. My Spider 124 is running great with the larger than original Inter cooler. Very satisfied.

    Gregory Kern
    New intercooler

    It was just installed, and am waiting to pick my car up in the next few days.

    Big Struggle, big reward.

    I'm going to start this off by saying this install is NOT for the lighthearted. You will get up close and personal with your spider. It took me 10 hours to install this in my own garage, but it was well worth it for many reasons. First and most important, the stock piping has so many breaks in the piping where boost could have been leaking from. Not to mention the sides of the stock intercooler are plastic held in by a gasket and metal bends that act as a bracket. I replaced my intercooler because the plastic side popped off from the intercooler. So I will say installing this intercooler will make reliability shoot up. Second and probably the most fun part, The car just feels stronger even without a tune. I can feel the engine just eat up the extra air. I'm not sure whether I had any other boost leaks before my stock intercooler broke, but for sure every cc of air gets shot into the engine now. Can't wait until I get the Intake for phase 2!

    Fox Xavier
    Your 124 Spider needs this!

    The entire intercooler kit arrived in good time, and with all components necessary. Installation took me six hours, though I ran into a couple of unrelated issues along the way. Removing the bumper, right sway bar bracket, and coolant reservoir are optional, though I am sure they help. I will echo others when I say ratchet wrenches and 1/4 drive sockets are a must! After installation was complete, I let her idle for 15 minutes, checking for leaks and enjoying a throatier turbo sound. When I entered the highway, wow, my AT Lusso struggled to maintain traction in 1st gear! I could feel an improvement throughout the entire power band. I'm very impressed, and highly recommend.

    J. K.
    Fell in love with the car all over again!

    the FMIC really opens up the car and I felt much stronger boost during the acceleration. Install was a pain but its not the fault of the kit but extremely complex build of the vehicle. one piece piping for cold and hot is really a huge advantage of this kit! Ratchet wrench, 1/4 socket wrench(smallest one you can find) and soapy water/windex on the piping will greatly help you with the install!

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