Introducing the popular EUROCOMPULSION V2 Air Induction system (intake) for the Alfa Romeo 4C. This intake system, as all of our intake systems, incorporates our premium quality Kevtek Silicone paired with an uncompromising EUROCOMPULSION proprietary Dual Inlet Air Filter. 

The turbo inlet hose reduces air inlet/intake temperatures significantly over the factory thin walled plastic hose. The turbo on the 4C sits between the front firewall and engine making it a "warm" area within the engine bay, so much so it requires specialized cooling ducts. This system replaces the ENTIRE factory induction system with a short and direct system which captures direct forced cool air from the original air duct located on the passenger side of the vehicle and also the original intake pickup.

This kit includes a water repellent filter sock that decreases filter cleaning intervals and prevents water absorption into the intake system with extremely minimal impact on flow properties(~2%). Now utilizing Kevlar (KEVTEK) reinforced Silicone for the ultimate strength. 

Available for EUROPE & AUSTRALIA & ASIA in individual variants.



  • Premium European Competition Spec 5 Ply KEVTEK Silicone
  • EUROCOMPULSION Proprietary Dual Inlet Air Filter
  • Includes Water-Repellent Filter Sock
  • Reduced Thermal conductivity
  • Significantly Increased Air-Flow
  • Will last life-time of vehicle
  • Smoothed Interior walls
  • Increased/more consistent Diameter Turbo Inlet Hose
  • Greatly Increased Turbo Sounds
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Simple Installation
  • Reduction in Intake Air Temperature increases Engine Efficiency
  • Greatly Improved Throttle Response
  • Utilizes Factory Intake Duct
  • Dual Cool Air Pickup Locations
  • World Wide compatible Unit (North America/Europe/Asia/Australia)


  • EC V2 system weighs 5.7lbs less than factory system
  • Factory 7.11lbs VS. EC V2 2.4lbs
  • 10-15+WHP Increase
  • Red Color Only


  • Designed for use with our Euro+Drive Clone Phase 1 & 2 Calibrations
  • Designed for use in Stock vehicles as well
  • Suitable for North American & EU/AUS Vehicles




Un Italiano in California - Alfa Romeo 4C from Kaz Kang on Vimeo.


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Splash Man
Best Valued 4C Upgrade Possible!

This is hands down the best valued upgrade possible for the 4C! The smile (or crazy yearning grin) per dollar ratio is THROUGH THE ROOF. The sound is absolutely amazing. You can hear the car breathe and all turbo noises have been exaggerated. Just get this upgrade. Some will say it is too loud and gets in the way of the exhaust noise, well then accelerate slower than normal, which is not what this car is for. You can hear both...it is a symphony. People will compliment you just on the turbo noise because that’s how a car that looks the way it does should sound.

Easy install, great sound!

I ordered the V2 intake and was prepared to take the fender off but was able to perform the install without doing so. It took about 2 and a half hours (mostly because removing the liners and factory air-box is just time consuming) but the turbo sound alone makes it all worth it. The spool of the turbine sounds like a jet engine firing up and the BOV makes a charmingly aggressive "whoosh". Truly a 5-star product!

Jim Alcock
Wow !!!

This is without doubt the best addition I have done to my 4c Spider. The noise is extraordinary- the car is definitely quicker and the noises are great fun without bring in any way annoying. I love it.

Warren Poon
Hands down the best emotional upgrade for the 4c

Buying a 4c is based on emotion, not logic. This intake just adds soooooo much personality, excitement, and emotion to the driving experience. I'm looking forward to combining this with future engine mods and tune from EC.

Awesome Intake!

Bought this to combine with a magnaflow exhaust and Phase 2 Ecu tune (christmas gift so you gotta have it all right?).
Went ahead and put the intake on before getting the tune flashed and could not be happier. The car sounds better, you can hear turbo and blowoff better, and while this is personal opinion and could all be in my head - the car seems more responsive. Cant wait to have the tune and exhaust installed!

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