Technical information on our EURO+DRIVE Clone ECU tuning for the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio (QV) 2.9L Twin Turbo.

This tune has been in development since April of 2017, and has accumulated more than 6,000 miles in road durability testing, as well as countless more miles in dyno testing throughout our revisions. Safety and longevity for the 2.9L engine was paramount. Our objective was to squeeze as much as possible out of the turbos and engines without sacrificing mechanical reliability, thus rigorous testing was necessary.

Throughout the testing and development process, the use of a steady state mode on our dyno allowed us to monitor turbo speeds and catalyst temps, both with the factory exhaust system and with an aftermarket cat-back setup. Even at max power, our catalyst temps remained within safe margins, and even decreased when tuning on the cat-back exhaust configuration.

We also tested with and without an upgraded filter media, which yielded solid results and increased flow on our more aggressive calibration revisions. 


The function of the DNA mode switch is still relevant with the Phase 1 tune calibration, but the modes themselves have been altered or improved. A mode is largely the same as the factory programming, but with a more linear powerband and smoother driving characteristics. Other parameters have been altered to increase fuel economy in this mode.

Natural mode is slightly more aggressive than the factory tuning, but with mild touches for cruising or relaxed driving. Dynamic mode and Race mode are where majority of the tune changes lie, with Dynamic mode much more aggressive, and Race mode even more so. Torque vectoring across the powerband has been changed to delivery more pull to redline before shifts, and more aggressive downshifts in Race mode, optimizing pick up points in the rpm range for maximum power instead of falling to a lower rpm. The partnership between engine and transmission has also, allowing for quicker shifts and crisp response both in Auto mode and when using the paddle shifters. 

We tested on 3 different vehicles, all US Spec Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglios with the Automatic transmission. Tuning was tested on both 91 and 93 octane. Dyno testing was conducted on an HLS 4WD linked setup, with hydraulic systems maintaining both the front and rear axle speeds. This type of setup is vital to achieving accurate and consistent power runs on the QV. 

The vehicle was tested in various configurations:


-Stock with tuning software only

-Stock with Filter upgrade

-Stock with exhaust upgrade

-Tuning software optimized for the addition of the filter upgrade and exhaust


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