Technical information for our Euro+Drive Clone ECU tuning system for the Alfa Romeo 4C. 

The following are requirements for each tuning calibration offered through the Euro+Drive System:

Phase 1:

  • Minimum 91 Octane
  • Can be used on a completely stock vehicle

Phase 2:

Phase 3:


Additional Options:

  • CEL elimination for Catless / High Flow Catted Downpipes
  • Pops and Bangs









  • Mark Smoot

    Got Phase 1 w/ pops & bangs and upgraded air filter on 2016 4C Spider. Am out of my mind with excitement. After i upgrade to V2 intake, 3 intercooler hoses, sport plugs, catless downpipe, Phase 2 with all add ons, what will estimated HP be?

  • John Bierman

    I have 2015 Alfa 4C LE. I’m looking to get the Phase 2 w/ pops and bangs.

    1. What does it mean for the down exhaust to be recommended? Will my car be okay health wise without this upgrade? I do already have the v2 intake

    2. With the v2 intake and the phase 2 what is the Total horsepower on the vehicle now?

    3. Other than the v2 and phase 2 is there anyway to get more power? Not including the phase 3!

    Thank you! Look forward to hearing from you!

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