The EUROCOMPULSION Oil Catch Can kit is made to be used with all EC intake systems, most other brand intake systems, and the stock intake system. 


Below shows the mounting point of the catch can. A single 13mm factory bolt and the factory bolt hole are used. It is easier to route the hose before mounting the catch can.


Below illustrates the routing used in conjunction with our V4.1 intake system. For other brands of intake, the outlet side of the catch can will always connect to the PCV breather port on your intake. For stock intakes, it will connect to the side of your stock air box. The Red circle is the PCV housing and it routes to the inlet fitting of the catch can. The Blue circle is the PCV breather hose fitting mounted on the underside of the intake piece. This connects to the outlet fitting of the catch can.

The outlet hose (blue circle) going to the intake has a silicone line attached to it so a 90 degree turn can be made if necessary.

The inlet hose going from the PCV housing to the catch can is shown below. Make sure not to kink this hose. You can also use a  90 Degree elbow to help it route around the PCV housing if necessary. Lightly twisting the hose will help it make the bend without collapsing. 


You will use (2) clamps at the catch can fittings, make sure they're tightened well.

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