This installation/basic guide covers the basics on how to remove and install the STOP/START Ignition Switch (Push Start Button) on the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Models. This installation applies to those changing their black stop/start ignition switches to the Red Quadrifoglio Style Ignition Switch.

Tools Needed:
  • 1 - Flathead Screw Driver
  • 1 - 3mm Allen Key
  • 1 - Small Phillips Head Screw Driver
Time Needed:
  • 20-45min (Depending on Skill Level)

Important Notes:

  • This Installation requires partially removing the steering wheel airbag. 
  • During this period do NOT disconnect the airbag. 
  • Use Extreme Caution handling the airbag.
  • These instructions are only a guide.
  • READ FIRST: Airbag Information


  • Utilizing the 3mm Allen Key remove the (2) Allen Head Bolts from the rear of the steering wheel.

  •  Utilizing the small Phillips Screw Driver Carefully remove the 2X Screws located on the rear of the STOP/START Button.

  • Rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees so the bottom of the steering wheel is facing the windshield.
  • You will see a hole in the bottom of the plastic surround. Inside that hole there is a metal cir-clip that locks the Airbag/Horn in Place.
  • Utilizing the Flat-tip Screw Driver push on the Metal clip. Press Firmly Until Airbag and Fascia Pops out of Steering Wheel.
  • Using Care Slowly Pry Steering Wheel Control Fascia Away from Steering Wheel. There are two pressure fittings on each side of the Fascia. Gently Pry Each side.

  • After Freeing the Steering Wheel Control Fascia, you will notice two sets of wires connected to each side. These are retained to the rear of the Fascia by two white electrical connections. Simply Squeeze the white electrical clips and they will become free allowing you to completely remove the steering wheel control Fascia.

  • Once this is completed direct your attention to the STOP/START Ignition Switch (Button). Follow the wiring to a black harness. With your Flat-Tip Screw Driver Release the electrical connections and disconnect the STOP/START Switch.


  1. Install the New STOP/START Ignition Switch by plugging it into the above electric connector.
  2. Place electrical connection back into harness.
  3. Re-install Steering Wheel Control Fascia, ensuring that you properly seat the small white electrical connectors.
  4. Carefully Seat STOP/START Ignition Switch Back into Fascia (It will seat only one way). Push Fascia Back onto Steering Wheel.
  5. Re-insert steering wheel Air-bag firmly (Horn Will Sound). You will feel the Cir-clip click allowing the Airbag to fully seat.
  6. Re-install the (2X) 3mm Allen Head Bolts into the rear of the steering Wheel.
  7. Re-Install the (2X) Phillips Head Screws into the rear of the Ignition Switch.
  8. Installation Complete!!! Start Vehicle and ensure full functionality of STOP/START Switch and other steering wheel controls.

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