Beginning with model years 2018 and above Alfa Romeo/Fiat vehicles are equipped with a new device called a security gateway module. The purpose of this module is to prevent CAN bus hacking over the #G or LTE network. This Bypass plug allows you to bypass this module. This unit is required to access the Body control module, infotainment system and the ECM. This is also required to be used with our Euro+Drive Tuning system for vehicles produced 2018+.


  • (ALL) Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L ( Manufactured 2018+)
  • (ALL) Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0L (Manufactured 2018+)



For 2018-2019 Model Year Giulia/Stelvio:


NOTE: This SGW Module is located to the right, and just below the steering column. Simply disconnect the two connectors running into the SGW module and plug them into the bypass module. It is recommended to remove the bypass before going in for service/warranty work. This is not required (the system still functions as intended, but removing it will be less conspicuous).


Below are various instructions, both from customer attempt and factory documentation on the module itself.


Link to the bypass for purchase: HERE


  • Localize where the SGW module is installed in your car and gain access to it
    by removing all the covering panels. Disconnect the car battery. Unplug the
    car loom plugs connected to the SGW module (press lock; do not pull cables
    but via plug; some plug types used by FCA sit very tight in SGW), and plug
    them into the SGW bypass device. Reconnect the car battery. At this stage a
    full access from OBD diagnostic tools is available.


  • FCA cars after each battery disconnecton will display a lot of messages on
    instrument cluster related with need of self-check of electronic systems. Ignore
    this, to clear start engine, rotate steering wheel to left and right end positions,
    then rotate to middle position and switch off engine. No more messages should











FOR MY2020+ Model Stelvios, see below. On some later model Giulias, the bypass may be in the same location as the previous years:



For the 2020 model year, the module is now placed on the back of a welded bracket, directly behind the steering column.

The best way to get to it is to take off the lower shrouding of the steering wheel and column (held on by 2 simple screws). You can then position the steering wheel upwards so as to reach your arm in at its fullest. Your hand must go in, back, and to the left.


 The module is held onto the bracket by (3) nuts. The left hand side nut is almost impossible to get a socket on. The other (2) on the right hand side can be reached. These must be loosened and removed. The third nut is loose enough that the SGW module can pivot back and forth. After the right hand side nuts are removed you can lift the module off the prongs and pivot upwards.

The plugs on the module are pointed downwards, but the space is too small to grip the plugs and pull down to disconnect them. With the module pivoted, you can reach the plugs from the right hand side and easily disconnect.



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