The EC V1 Intake and Stock Intake pieces were tested on single gear pulls (road testing) starting from 2200rpm up to redline. These tests were performed back to back on the same day, and data is compiled from 10 run averages for each intake piece. 

  • - Ambient Temp = 88F - 90F Average 
  • - EC V1 Intake = 111F - 113F Average (WOT) 
  • - Stock Intake = 128F - 132F Average (WOT) 

*Testing Note: Temperatures tend to stabilize anywhere from 5-10F above WOT temperature prior to going full throttle (during cruise and part throttle driving).





Dyno testing was performed on a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (US Spec) w/91 octane fuel. Modifications were EC V1 Intake and the EC Performance Hi-Flow Filter drop in. Runs were done back to back with stock intake switched out on the dyno. 



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