The new V4 Air Intake system was designed with one purpose: to maximize reduction in temperatures by sealing this intake off from the engine bay, and to maximize ram air pressure to the turbo for optimal performance. With an all new canister design, conical high flow filter, and custom ram air scoop, this goal was achieved.



The V4 canister is an all new design, made to seal our high flow filter completely from engine bay heat. This design also increases air velocity and decreases intake turbulence, both via it's smooth shape and flow characteristics. 




To ensure the new canister filter has adequate supply of cool, high pressure air from the front of the car, a new silicone ram tube with custom molded scoop was designed. This pairing seals directly to the fresh air duct at the front of the car, increasing the possible ram air pressure maintained in the intake tract. These pieces enable smooth, high pressure flow while blocking engine bay heat from entering the filter canister.





The EC V4 Intake, V2 intake and Stock Intake pieces were tested on single gear pulls (road testing) starting from 2200rpm up to redline. These tests were performed back to back on the same day, and data is compiled from 10 run averages for each intake piece. 

  • - Ambient Temp = Start: 90F    End: 91F (WOT)
  • - EC V2 Intake = Start: 132F    End: 122F (WOT) 
  • - EC V4 Intake = Start: 121F    End: 108F (WOT) 
  • - Stock Intake = Start: 141F    End: 133F (WOT) 


  • - Ambient Temp = Start: 91F    End: 91F (CRZ/PRT THROTTLE)
  • - EC V2 Intake = Start: 121F    End: 124F (CRZ/PRT THROTTLE)
  • - EC V4 Intake = Start: 101F    End: 104F (CRZ/PRT THROTTLE)
  • - Stock Intake = Start: 129F    End: 134F (CRZ/PRT THROTTLE)

*Testing Note: Temperatures tend to stabilize anywhere from 5-10F above WOT temperature prior to going full throttle (during cruise and part throttle driving).






Dyno testing was performed on a stock 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia (US Spec) w/91 octane fuel. V2 and stock runs were from a prior day, same temperature (DA and humidity may differ slightly compared to V4 runs). Adequate cooling fans are used at the front of the car. A Temperature was 91' F.





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