The 2017+ Giulia QV utilizes a solenoid/vacuum controlled exhaust valves that allows the center (2) exhaust exits to become active allowing for a more efficient and more aggressive exhaust note. These (2) center exhaust exits becomes active in stock form when "Race Mode" is selected.
 In order to always have this "Race Mode" option would require software changes in the body control module or by directly unplugging the solenoid which may cause a check engine light to become illuminated. The final option is to modify the system mechanically. Due to the fact that this is performed behind the the solenoid will keep the Body Control Module diagnostics in the dark. These instructions allow you to perform this simple operation that is 100% CEL free and fully reversible.

Tools Required:

  • Small Flat Tip Screw Driver

Parts Required:

  • 1/4 Vacuum Plug OR 1/4 Small Vacuum Valve
  • (2) Zipties 


  • 1/5 (1=Oil Change)(5=Engine Rebuild)

Vacuum Line Removal:

  • Locate (3) Push pins at Rear Wheel Liner (Located Rear Bumper Cover)
  • Using Small Flat-tip Screw Driver Remove Center portion of push pin and pull up.
  • Remove Push Pin (3)
  • Fold Back Liner
  • Located Silicone Line Attached to Valve Located On Exhaust
  • Carefully Pull Off line attached to Exhaust Valve


Vacuum Line Storage:

  • Insert 1/4 Vacuum plug OR 1/4 Vacuum Valve into Vacuum Line (Ensure Vacuum valve is in closed Position)
  • Zip-tie Vacuum Line or secure Vacuum Line to Nearby Bracket.

(This procedure must be completed to both sides of the Exhaust, as both sides have individual Valves)

Additional Vacuum Line Options:

 **An additional step you can take is to attach a small 1/4 hose (We suggest Silicone due to the exhaust temps) to the other side of the Vacuum Valve and reconnect this to the exhaust valve. This will allow you to place the system into standard operation with a turn of a knob.**

As an alternative if you are not as limber you can drop the rear diffuser and perform this install that way as well.
Additionally these small 1/4 valves can be located at your local hardware store in the sprinkler/landscaping section. HERE
 That's it you are all finished, enjoy!
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