The following guidelines are instructions for installation of the EC Power Booster for all ALFA ROMEO Giulia and Stelvio 2.0L equipped vehicles.

NOTE:  For slot 4 "Race" tune, only use 93 octane fuel or higher! 

91 octane with enough octane booster to hit 93 octane or higher is also acceptable.


- EC Power Booster Box
- Vehicle Specific Harness
- Control panel
- 3M sticky pads for mounting
- Zip ties for cleaning up harness wires

The following wire routing and box mounting are recommended (and where we found the most convenient locations). You are free to mount the box and run the wiring in any location you prefer. The provided harness length should be long enough to reach many locations.


1. Start by removing the engine cover (2-10mm hex head bolts) and disconnecting your battery with the negative terminal.


2. Once the engine cover is removed locate the plastic shield between engine on passenger side. Locate the two 10mm bolts holding this plate.

You will also have to remove the vacuum hose and wiring attached to this shield to fully remove it from its location. There are two prongs on the inside of this shield that will need to clear the mounting points for the shield to come out. 


3. Once shielding is removed you will locate the boost sensor in the picture below. It will have a gray tab that will need to be pulled back slightly. You can do this by using a flat head screw driver and rotating until you here a click. Pinch the tab you just moved and the sensor will move freely. 

Locate the (A BOOST SENSOR) side of the harness and plug into the sensor you just removed. Plug the factory wiring back into the female side of the piggy back harness.


4. Locate the pressure sensor on the back of the charge pipe. This sensor is shown in the photo below. This has a similar connection and a flat head can pull the tab then grab and free the sensor. 

Locate the (B MAP SENSOR) side of the EC Power Booster harness and plug into the pressure sensor that was just connected. Then plug the factory wiring back into the female side of the piggy back harness.


5. Once the two connections are secured you can find a place to locate the box that best suits your needs. Try to avoid any spots that come in direct contact with water or heat. Double sided tape is provided. 

The optimal box location can vary depending on model and under hood modifications.  On a Giulia with a V2 intake we like to place the box by the cone filter. On any Stelvio the box can be placed near passenger-side strut mount.



6. Next we will route the control panel for the box. It is the smaller connection of the two on the box. You will need to locate a pass through in the engine bay. We used this spot pictured below which is on the driver's side of the car. It allowed us to get right under the dash.


7. We found it best to remove this lower interior panel for better access and routing of the control panel. To remove the panel you will need to remove 6 torx screws that hold the piece. This will allow you to remove the panel by pulling forward and freeing the clips. 


8.  You can locate the control panel in a place that best suits you. We like to attach it to the dash behind the steering wheel using the provided double-sided tape.  


9. Reconnect battery and be sure to check that everything has power before reassembling interior pieces and engine covers. The control panel will display red lights indicating it has power.

Go back over your installation and make sure there is not any loose wires or locations where the wires can be touching hot surfaces in the engine bay. We recommend using zip ties to secure the wires to other factory harnesses to maintain rigidity.

NOTE:  For slot 4 "Race" tune, we recommend 93 octane fuel or higher! 

For extra safety, don't use it on a scorching hot day.  Use of an intake air gauge will allow you to monitor temperature to help keep use limited to when IAT are within 25 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient. 

91 octane with enough octane booster to reach 93 octane or higher is also acceptable.

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