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The EURO+DRIVE® MAP REVISION add on allows EURO+DRIVE users to request changes to an existing maps or dual maps. This applies to changes for maps initially requested by the user at the time of purchase or first tuning your vehicle. 

EURO+DRIVE® users are allowed to request specific maps or dual maps with selected options on their tune request form. This is included with purchase.

Any changes or adding features to maps already received and requested will require a map revision purchase. This does not include requesting maps or features not already received (i.e. moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 because you now have the required parts for Phase 2, or adding pops and bangs for the first time).

Please contact the Tuning Department ( prior to purchase to ensure this purchase is required.


    1. Download Your Tune Request Form (from the online portal)
    2. Fill Out Tune Request Form
    3. Upload Request Form to your Euro+Drive Portal Folder


    • Must currently own the EURO+DRIVE® System
    • Applies to your selections made with your completed form Only
    • Can be applied to any Phase you choose. 
    • (1) Completely Customized File Per purchase (So choose wisely)


    • (ALL) EURO+DRIVE Platforms



    **Beginning August of 2023, we will no longer support the older gen EURO+DRIVE (MyGenius Unit w/buttons) as eligible for transfer credits. Dimsport Italy's (handheld manufacturer) current OS updates super-cede older generation handhelds, and their software no longer reliably supports the management of these units.

    We will continue to support original owners of these handhelds with qualified tune updates and map revisions as long as the unit is in working condition and is still paired to the original car. However, we are not liable for the unit's functionality or failure, so you will be using it at your own discretion.**


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    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Tim S.
    Amazing performance

    I’ve gotten a few different retunes after different upgrades and desires and I haven’t been disappointed. Currently running Phase 2 big turbo tune will all supporting mods and I am very pleased.

    C Spano
    Phase 2

    Great service by the Eurocompulsion Team (especially Toby).

    Paul Mejia
    Quick and Easy Add On

    I bought a pops and bangs tune last year and love it. However, I occasionally like the burbles so I purchased this revision. The team had the revision made for me quickly and it was easy to add to my scanner.

    Steve M. from Ohio
    Best Upgrade for your 124 Spider

    You guys ROCK !!! Phase 1 on non sport mode. Phase 2 on Sport Mode.

    Adrian Aguilar
    Best bang for your buck!

    Requested to change my tune when I added a new Front Mount Intercooler and the guys here were super easy to communicate with and turnaround was very quick.

    Have the Phase 0 and Phase 2 (in sport mode) tune with supporting mods. Car is now a lil pocket rocket! This is how the car should be from the factory. Power delivery is smooth and linear with more punch in the lower rpms. Don't hesitate and just do it! 🤙

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