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Turn Your Phone Into a Heads-Up Display

This device allows your smartphone to connect to and display your vehicle's onboard diagnostic system. Plug it into the OBDII port, pair your device, and using one of many 3rd party applications you will be able to monitor a wide variety of parameters that are read by the vehicle's ECU. You can use these applications to:
  • Measure OBD Data streams
  • Scan and clear CELs
  • View Multiple Customizable gauges
  • Keep Data logs
  • Monitor MPG and Fuel Efficiency
  • View Engine Sensor Data
Save time and money by monitoring the health of your engine so you can approach service proactively. By clearing your own codes you can also avoid a costly trip to the dealer after performing your own maintenance. Compare to the Scangauge II.

Vehicle Compatibility

The device is compatible in any car that uses the OBDII protocol. In the US this includes any vehicle sold from 1996 to the present.

Smartphone Compatibility

The device can connect to almost any smartphone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with Apple iOS devices as well as Samsung, Google, LG or other Android devices.

Pair this with one of our phone mounts for a heads up display of all kinds of gauges and metrics. 


Low profile design stays tucked away, protruding less than 1.5 inches more than the OBD port itself. The OBD II connector gets its power directly from the OBD port, and turns off when the vehicle ignition is switched off. Of course, as with all electronic plug-and-play devices, there may be a small amount of power being supplied to the dongle even with the vehicle off. We recommend unplugging the OBDII reader if you are concerned about this.

Smartphone Apps

There are many 3rd party applications available to read the information coming from your OBDII connector. We recommend OBDFusion, or Torque Pro. But you can use anything compatible with your phone and something you prefer.
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