$ 30.00

 Now you can fine tune your FORGE Turbo Actuator to the exact needs of your engine with this complete tuning kit. Your valve tuning kit you will find four springs and the associated spring retainer. The strongest spring is the red, followed by the blue, yellow and finally the green which is the weakest. We normally supply our actuators, unless requested differently, with a spring that will match the tension of the manufacturer’s original fitment valve. However, as many owners undertake tuning modifications some may wish to re-tune the actuator characteristics to suit a given application. Kit includes all springs. Kit is Type 3 - 049.


  • Green - 5-10 PSI
  • Yellow - 10-14 PSI
  • Blue - 14-18 PSI
  • Red - 19-23 PSI


  • Above Measurements are based on Crack Pressure NOT Actual Boost Pressures
  • Only for FORGE Waste Gate Actuators
  • Green= Stock Vehicle (6-7psi crack pressure)
  • Yellow= Tuned w/ Upgraded Turbo (10-11psi crack pressure)
  • Crack pressure refers to when the actuator arm begins to move at pressure
  • Please see Video below