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 The CravenSpeed shifter will shorten the throw on your FIAT 500/ABARTH stick and change the way you feel about shifting. Every movement is so much more precise that you will fall in love with driving manual all over again.

This shifter is perfect for you if:

  • Feel like the stock FIAT unit is a just a bit sloppy
  • Do not like the Plastic Chromed reverse pull
  • Want to be able to shift a little faster
  • Want to buy a USA made product for your Italian Car

Of course, we are not the first to invent the idea of the short shifter. We are not even the first to make one for the FIAT 500/ABARTH, but we are the best. We have been making high end shifting solutions for long enough to know that there is no sense in going half way. We designed this shifter out of far superior materials to the stock unit and any competitor; a stainless steel shaft and pivot handling all the force and machined aircraft aluminum in anodized black for the new reverse pull. Now you don't ever have to touch the seam on the plastic chrome reverse pull again.
The install involves only work inside your FIAT and can be done by anyone with very little mechanical background. Most should be installed in less than 1 hour. You can view the complete install instructions below.
This shifter works on the Pop,Sport,Lounge and 500T/ABARTH Model standard transmissions. The Sport/Lounge/Pop require a reverse lock-out requiring additional parts included in kit. We have two of these kits installed in our Street ABARTH and our track based ABARTH challenge car, we cant live without it, you will feel the same. This shifter reduces both shifter height and shift throw.