EURO+DRIVE for the 500 ABARTH / 500 TURBO

EUROCOMPULSION® is pleased to present the ultimate engine tuning system for the 500 Abarth.

The EURO+DRIVE® Tuning system has been rigorously developed and tested by EUROCOMPULSION® for the 500 ABARTH with a wide range of power-specific variations, made to meet any and all of your performance needs. 

Unlock hidden power in your vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. EURO+DRIVE can be one of the first and simplest modifications to perform on your vehicle to see instant, worthwhile results.


Through intensive testing and development, the EURO+DRIVE Tuning system will unlock power, response, and performance overall in your 500 Abarth. This is not just a power tune, but a comprehensive remap of all driving characteristics.


500 ABARTH / 500T

VEHICLE INFO: MY2012 Fiat 500 Abarth (Manual Transmission) 

MAP INFO (results shown below):       

STOCK map: 91 Octane gas, no other modifications    

695 TF map: 91 Octane gas, no other modifications    

PHASE 0 map: 91 Octane gas, no other modifications    

PHASE 1 map: 91 Octane gas, V4 Intake System, Regapped NGK spark plugs to .024    

PHASE 2 map: (same as above), FMIC, Hi-Flow Cat, Forge Wastegate (yellow spring, 15psi crack pressure)    

PHASE 2 BIG TURBO (previously P3) map: (same as above) 91 octane gas, EC Upgraded Turbo, 4C Coil Packs 

PHASE 3 (BIG INJECTOR) map: This map is designed for those that would like to run an upgraded turbo, but want to extract the most power out of the car. To do so, bigger injectors are required for the full performance of this map and an additional charge for this map will be required. Can be run on E85 or Pump Gas.


- We recommend the Forge Wastegate w/Yellow Spring (crack pressure 15psi)

- We recommend the Forge BOV w/Blue Spring


Use your PC to easily access the EURO+DRIVE® portal to manage your tune files. Upload your ECU read files, download the latest calibrations, and update your device. All Phase 0/1/2 Calibrations are included in the initial purchase. Via the online portal, EC will continually offer new calibrations, updates, and revised files based on your journey with modifications and add ons.


  Absolutely. EURO+DRIVE can support anything from a bone stock vehicle to a powerful, track day warrior. 

 Our team extensively tests bolt-on modifications for the best combinations in order to achieve the most effective incremental power gains, both on the road and on our dyno. Our calibrations are created and tested to support and maximize performance for all parts that we make, and more. 

These results are the foundation for the design of all our aftermarket performance parts, and the core to our Staged Upgrade Packages that help the client determine the most effective path to upgrade their vehicle. 

 Whether you decide to utilize your own modifications, or EUROCOMPULSION performance packages, the EURO+DRIVE will help you maximize your vehicle's potential.


Our team creates a number of useful (or fun) tuning add on features, depending on the application. Some of these are included in your purchase, others require an additional fee. 

The EURO+DRIVE calibrations can also be custom tuned for a wide array of specialty modifications, environments, or applications. This can involve fine tuning an existing calibration, or creating a new calibration completely from scratch.


- Exhaust Pops & Bangs (Or Burbles) 

- Launch Control 

- CEL Elimination and Optimization for EVAP or Catless/Catted Downpipes

- Raised Rev Limiter/Speed Limiters

- Dual Map Reprogramming to Factory Sport button or Mode Settings

CUSTOM TUNING OPTIONS (additional fees may apply):

- Custom/Upgraded Turbo

- Engine Upgrade

- E85 / Methanol / Alternative Fuel Optimization

- Larger Injectors

- Race or Track Applications (Based on Environment or Power Goals)


 All runs (stock - P3) were tested using standard 91 octane pump gasoline and in linked/locked 4-roller configurations.  All runs listed in WHP (wheel horsepower). The loading feature on our HLS system allows for measurement of gear ratio on each run, and measured power dissipation during pre-run procedures, as well as post run coast down measurements. This data allows the dyno software to interpolate a parasitic loss from WHP, and graph estimated engine horsepower. The BHP data is based on this dissipation measurement for each of the raw WHP run data.

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