EUROCOMPULSION® is pleased to present the Fiat 124 Spider & Abarth V4 Air induction Kit for the Fiat 124 Spider & Abarth. The V4 Induction Kit replaces the factory plastic intake hose with premium KEVTEK 5-ply reinforced silicone. The smoothed interior walls and extremely low thermal conductivity of our silicone will provide cooler and denser air to the turbo inlet increasing engine efficiency and power output.

 The V4 Intake system is a true cold air intake system capturing all of the cold air from the exterior of the vehicle and at speed is a true Ram-air system. This ram-air system significantly increases air density/pressure at the turbo inlet. This results in increased efficiency and of course more power. This as well as our other available Intakes are perfectly paired and designed with our Euro+Drive® System in mind. 


  • Premium Kevtec 5ply Silicone
  • Significantly Increased Power Output
  • Significantly Reduced Air Intake Temperatures
  • Significantly Increased Air Density at the turbo Inlet
  • Simple Installation
  • No Check Engine Lights
  • Increased Aesthetics
  • Closed Intake System
  • True Cold Air Intake System
  • True Ram-Air System
  • Utilizes our CF Canister Dry Element Filter
  • Our Most powerful Intake offered for the Fiat 124
  • Include all necessary hardware
  • New Updated direct Plug & Play Vacuum Connections
  • Includes Factory Correct Ejector/Venturi Port





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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Jay Temte
Bigger difference than I thought!

Installing was pretty easy and with the V4 intake, you get yourself some good sounding intake noise and overall a better driving car.

Glenn Johnstone
Euro compulsion V4 Induction

After much research into what was one of the best induction kits on the market I discovered that a lot of people rated the Eurocompulsion V4 Induction Kit.

I ordered the induction kit direct from Eurocompulsion and then just awaited delivery. I'm from the UK so had to pay import duty, however I was surprised how quickly the package arrived.

The induction kit was well packaged, and I found instructions to search online in the fitting of the kit. I actually followed and informative YouTube video.

The Eurocompulsion V4 went on straight forward, apart from where most people have an issue, and this is the green clip on one of the Abarth induction hoses, so nothing to do with the design of the kit.

After starting my car with the induction kit installed, no warning lights. I thought the V4 may have gave off an induction roar, but after driving a few days I can't really say I notice the filter that much. All I know is my car should be able to breath better and in the engine bay my car looks cool with the red silicone hose and carbon filter. As a finishing touch I popped an Abarth badge on my filter which just finishes of the look.

Austin Oguin
Best idea

Got a little worried after ordering due to a lot of people saying it didn’t change the noice or the sound of the turbo but it’s such a big difference you can hear the turbo all the way around and feel the low end power difference from the start

Excellent Intake System!

Purchased this system with black tubing for my 124 Spider Lusso. While the EuroCompulsion install instructions are a bit vague, an excellent install video is available from NGen on YouTube. Highly recommended video to watch as you install. The system installed without issue in about 30 minutes, and the car started with no warning lights and no indications of emissions problems As for performance, this intake is paired with a free-flowing TopSpeed Pro1 axle-back exhaust on my car; and with the engine now breathing in and breathing out more freely, there's a distinct and noticable difference in power delivery. Boost comes on lower in the RPM band, and the slight dip in power delivery when the car is stock is gone. I am confident in saying that the dyno numbers indicating a ~7-9 HP gain are completely believable, perhaps even greater with a free-flowing exhaust system. I am 100% satisfied.

Sidney Lovelady
Excillent quality and easy to install

Got this for my 2020 automatic Abarth 124 and could not be happier. It adds just enough intake noise to hear the turbo whistle and flutter on downshifts! On stock tuning it is hard to feel the slight power bump, but the power/torque dip around 3000rpm seems to be gone, if not greatly reduced (as indicated from the power charts in the listing). It was also simple to install and seems to be holding up well after 500+ miles. The only quirk I noticed is since this deletes the stock intake box, more dust is allowed to enter the top of the engine bay due to much better airflow.

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