$ 2,399.00

Novitec stainless steel exhaust system with flap control for Alfa Romeo 4C (960)
This exhaust system replaces the original rear box including that of the sport version of the Alfa 4C. With a small radio transmitter the volume of the Novitec Stradale sports exhaust can be changed with the flap control. You can choose from approximately 86 dB, which is good for the neighborhood with the exhaust flap closed, or about 102 dB for a drive out without radio, in this case you will experience the full sound of your 4C with the open flap.

This exhaust has been developed especially for those 4C owners who do not want a neighborhood dispute or where the very loud sports version with 103 dB is too loud or annoying over a long period of time.

For those who want to give up the noise reduction or won't give up one gram of weight, the Novitec Corse provides an alternative pipe version which also provides a larger pipe diameter and richer sound at 103 dB. By building a sports silencer with absorption technology and enlarged pipe diameter the ESD reaches the low exhaust back pressure of the original sports version. The Novitec Corse pipe variant even reaches a low back pressure. With the flap closed, the flap control has a EC type approval. The use is not allowed with the flap open on public roads in some countries

The installation is very easy through, due to the mid-engined concept of 4C, and the position of the battery. The exhaust flap is built into the exhaust, just as if it were a normal fitted spare part. In addition, a vacuum hose is fitted, which is connected to an electrically pneumatic controlled valve on the engine. The fused power supply to the valve and the radio receiver comes directly from the battery of 4C.


  • Stainless steel sport rear box, brushed
  • Pneumatically adjustable exhaust flap
  • 2 pieces 102 mm tailpipes (real carbon fiber, racing or tube-in-tube)
  • Electro pneumatic valve for controlling the flap
  • Radio remote control, key-shaped and receiver
  • Vacuum hose
  • Electric cables
  • Installation instructions