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 Novitec coil over suspension kit Corse+ for Alfa 4C (960) with approval certificate
Height adjustable at both front and rear axle. Adjustable in both directions, up to 5mm higher and up to 20mm (0.787") lower in comparison to OE struts. Adjustable damper characteristics on both front and rear axles in the rebound, with 16 levels of firm to comfortable. The shock absorber housing is made from stainless steel, a dirt resistant trapezoidal thread, in conjunction with a durable nylon nut makes for an easy adjustment of the vehicle height. The adjustment technology with the included hook key still works trouble free, even under spring tension & after many years of use. 18"/19" wheels do not offer particularly great comfort for the Alfa 4C. This can be improved by using 17"/18" wheels or the use of the Novitec Coilover Corse+ suspension. We recommend you to use the chassis if possible at the standard height to give priority to comfort.

 The Corse + coil-over is perfectly suited for use on both the racetrack and road in depend of the adjustment. The handling is noticeably improved compared to the standard suspension kit of the 4C (this applies to the standard and the sport variant). The Alfa 4C remains very stable during heavy breaking maneuvers, the rear end of the car does not rise at all. This attribute also applies whilst driving over curbs on the track, the Corse + suspension just swallows all those bumps better than the OEM suspension ever could.
This specific Kit is designed for the US Spec version of the Alfa Romeo 4C.


  • Front axle: 2,92 kg each (OE: 3,36 kg) = 0,88 kg (1.94 lbs) weight saving
  • Rear axle: 6,38 kg each (OE: 8,3 kg) = 3,84 kg (8.466 lbs) weight saving
  • Total Weight Savings: 10.406 lbs