Fiat 500L 1.4L Booster (Basic) ECM

$ 550.00 $ 449.00
Brand: Vaitrix

Our lowest cost piggyback, but full of powerful features. Introducing, the Booster Basic ECM

High quality, all-aluminum housing construction and lightweight body. This ECM is a simple plug & play unit, controlling (2) outputs (dual MAP sensor for boost control on turbocharged vehicles, plus it has the ability to control two stages of water/methanol injection. It can also be used for outputs on Normally Aspirated vehicles, as well as Turbo equipped diesel applications).


  • Optimized Boost Delivery
  • Throttle Enhancement
  • Smoothed Power Delivery
  • Fueling and AFRs safe and Intact
  • Plug & Play; Factory warranty remains in place 
  • Vehicle can be easilty reset to factory settings by mapping or by disconnecting the power plug. There is no need to remove the unit to restore factory settings.
  • Using 32-bit high-quality microprocessor for superior stability and processing speeds
  • Includes corresponding vehicle OEM quality harness for easy installation
  • Naturally aspirated, turbocharged and Diesel turbocharged engines are applicable
  • 2-Stage Methanol Injection control compatible using our Precision Gen2 Gauge and Remote
  • (2) Input/Output Connections for Boost or Other signal, (1) Camshaft/RPM hookup 


  • Base Map: +30WHP +24WTQ