Fiat 124 spider 1.4L Booster (PRO) ECM

$ 749.99 $ 700.00
Brand: Vaitrix

Our most advanced piggyback ECM, for full boost control and curve control via RPM, as well as complete 3D methanol dual injection programming. Introducing, the Booster Pro ECM

High quality, all-aluminum housing construction and lightweight body. This ECM is a simple plug & play unit, controlling (2) outputs (dual MAP sensor for boost control on turbocharged vehicles, plus it has the ability to control two stages of water/methanol injection. It can also be used for outputs on Normally Aspirated vehicles, as well as Turbo equipped diesel applications).


  • Optimized Boost Delivery
  • Throttle Enhancement
  • Smoothed Power Delivery
  • Fueling and AFRs safe and Intact
  • Plug & Play; Factory warranty remains in place 
  • Vehicle can be easilty reset to factory settings by mapping or by disconnecting the power plug. There is no need to remove the unit to restore factory settings.
  • Using 32-bit high-quality microprocessor for superior stability and processing speeds
  • Includes corresponding vehicle OEM quality harness for easy installation
  • Naturally aspirated, turbocharged and Diesel turbocharged engines are applicable
  • 2-Stage Methanol Injection control compatible using our Precision Gen2 Gauge and Remote
  • (2) Input/Output Connections for Boost or Other signal, (1) Camshaft/RPM hookup 
  • Methanol Injection Programming 


  • Base Map: Coming soon