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 This kit is custom tailored for the ABARTH and 500T using the highest quality water methanol injection components on the market. Also compatible with the FIAT 500L and Dodge Dart 1.4L.  Our kit is one of the most effective charge cooling methods available. Prevents knocking (pinging) and ECU retarding of timing and boost. Highly recommended for usage with all EUROCOMPULSION mods and EURO+DRIVE supported maps for maximum power. Also recommended for any piggyback ECM on any setting. Comes complete with all components and hardware, plus detailed installation instructions and pictures. Designed by EUROCOMPULSION, Made in the USA.


  • High Quality Design and components
  • Detailed Instructions and pictures
  • All necessary hardware included including Race Tank
  • Use with any ECM or boost enhancement
  • Guaranteed to prevent knocking (pinging)
  • Tailored exclusively for the 500T/Abarth
  • LED indicators for in dash low level light and actuation light
  • Relies on actual boost pressure for activation

 Under heavy boost situations, our water-meth system kept post inter-cooler temps a minimal one degree or less over ambient temps on a 75 degree F day. This was done consistently with Euro+Drive boost pressures at 20psi or above, and an ECM piggyback on max setting


 Installation is not trivial, but our instructions are detailed and very easy to follow. They will provide you with everything you need to complete installation. This includes drilling, tapping, nozzle installation into intercooler couplers, wiring and more. Our instructions offer two methods of nozzle installation, all which is centered around the intercooler piping underneath the car. Whichever route you decide to take, our kit will come equipped with everything you need to make it happen. This is an all day job but you won’t be alone, we will be here to help via phone or email support.

-Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult