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 The EUROCOMPULSION Jolly Club Text Decal in Black Transfer vinyl. It can be placed anywhere you would like to support the history and resurgence of the Original Jolly Club formed in Italy in the Late 1950's. A true nod to the Spirit of Motor-Sports. 


 The history of Jolly Club began in Milan 1957, where Mario Angiolini created a team of unofficial yet organized group of drivers and sponsors that would dominate the World Rally Championship and Formula 1 world for 40 plus years. They believed in working together to establish an unrivaled pedigree for racing skill and performance part quality. Today, Eurocompulsion/HPSI carries that torch as a registered trademark on all of our Jolly Club Certified products. These performance parts embody the heritage and pedigree of Jolly Club, and sit at the top of their class among other performance parts of similar application. The Jolly Club certification stamp guarantees we're striving to give you the absolute end-all, be-all, best of the best.


  • High Quality Transfer Vinyl
  • Measures 8.5" x 1.7"
  • Ships Directly From EUROCOMPULSION