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The FlexPod device mounting solution is ideal for your Smart Phone! Whether you have a Droid, an iPhone, a BlackBerry or something much cooler we can provide you with a secure mounting solution. Almost any phone phones slides right into the cradle effortlessly, and the FlexPod system allows the mount to be securely attached without damaging your new 500. Clip in your phone and don't worry about it until you reach your destination. Ideal for Bluetooth and Navigation.

Ideal for use with the Fiat Blue and Me hands-free operation -- keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. If you have to fumble for your phone in your pocket or purse when it rings, or when you need to make a call then you are losing focus. Snapping your device into the cradle when you get into the drivers seat means you always know where it is, and it becomes as much a part of your FIATS an in-dash system, letting you see who is calling or who you want to call without looking away.
Quick and Seamless Installation in your Fiat 500

This cradle mounts directly by replacing one of the bolts already on your 500, so you know it is sturdy and that it will not damage your car in any way. Just screw the adapter in place of one of the bolts just behind the vent on your dash.

This kit comes with everything you need to mount the selected device in your Fiat 500. Use a Smart phone Case with ‘The Scissor’ The Universal Scissor Mount is a great solution for you if you have a case on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry or other device. The Scissor Module uses rubberized pegs and a spring loaded cross-grip design that pinches your phone, keeping it in place. You can adjust the device within it's grip to avoid buttons or allow access to plugs on any side of the device.

There are a lot of great smart phones out now, and more come out every few months. That is one of the reasons we designed a clever cradle that will hold a variety of devices. The Scissor is best for gripping phones over 2 inches but less than 2 5/8 inches wide. The XXL will accommodate a phone, tablet or navigation device up to 4".