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 Cobalt Friction XR3 Racing Brake Pads for the Abarth/FIAT 500T feature true 100% "no-bedding required" to achieve full frictional performance, unlike most traditional race pads which require very specific bedding instructions for proper function. Unmatched friction vs. temperature stability and consistency. Additionally, Cobalt Friction materials exhibit unmatched disc finish and life as compared to any competing racing friction. From the garages at the Rolex 24 at Daytona to the paddock at the SCCA Nationals, Cobalt Friction Technologies delivers the products, knowledge and power to win.
 Cobalt XR3 is a versatile, medium-high torque material with a solid initial bite and a slightly rising torque curve. Unsurpassed cold performance, torque stability, consistency and modulation/release for this level of friction make the XR3 an ideal compound for Club Racing and Track Day/HPDE customers, particular in moderate to lower inertia vehicles. (UPDATED FRICTION MATERIAL 10/24/16)


  • True Dedicated 100% Track/HPDE Pad/Club Racing Pad
  • "no-bedding required" to achieve full frictional performance¹
  • unmatched disc finish with a minimum 50% improvement in disc life²
  • highest torque-vs-initial disc temperature stability and consistency
  • highest repeat-ability-vs-number of heat cycles of any racing brake pad
  • Price is for (4) Pads, Entire Front Set
  • Paired well with Hawk 5.0 Rear Pads
¹Full torque potential of all Cobalt materials will be realized within 1-2 laps.
(However, proper on-vehicle or inertia-dyno bedding will yield an 8-10% improvement in wear rates.)as compared to any competing material with torque levels within ±10%


  • Grand Am Continental Tire Series
  • SCCA Pro World Challenge
  • Club Racing (SCCA, BMWCCA, NASA, etc.)
  • Track Day/HPDE and AUTO X

 These are the pads installed/tested on our ABARTH Challenge car and are Light years ahead of every street based pad we have had. Excellent pad with light wear qualities (At Track based temperatures) and incredible pedal feel/modulation. Highly recommended for AUTO X/CLUB RACING. Used on Abarth Challenge Cars that are prepped for extensive track use. Can be paired with stock rear or performance rear pads.

Not certified for use on public highways.


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