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  ATP 3" Stainless down-pipe for the Multi-Air Fiat ABARTH, 500L, 500T and DODGE DART.  This high flowing 3" down-pipe will handle the duties of drop-in big turbo upgrades and significantly increases flow rate of exhaust . Reduces to 2.5" to mate with aftermarket or factory mid-pipe. Generally ships in 3-5 days from ATP. You can also have ATP add a hi-flow metallic catalytic converter to the down-pipe. Now Includes Down-pipe to Mid-Pipe Hardware.


  • Dramatically Increased Exhaust Flow Rates over Stock System
  • Dramatically Lighter Over Stock System
  • Can be wrapped with Heat wrap to reduce under-hood temps
  • Connects to Neu-F Mid-Pipe or factory mid-Pipe
  • Can Add Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter (+$145)

*We Recommend a new V-Band Clamp for the Down-Pipe to Turbo Connection if you have high miles on your original clamp or have a high rate of heat cycles on the system, they have a tendency to break upon removal/installation.