MOTUL GEAR 300 75W90 (FIAT 500 ABARTH/500T)

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Brand: MOTUL

Bottle Size: 1L Bottle

MOTUL GEAR 300 75W90 (FIAT 500 ABARTH/500T) (Please See Description Below)

 100% synthetic lubricant for all mechanical transmission of high performances and racing cars. For synchronised and not synchronised gearboxes, gearbox/differential, transfer gearboxes and hypoid differentials without limited slip system operating under shocks, heavy loads and low revolution speed or moderate loads and high revolution speed. 0% shear loss: Unshearable oil film in extreme conditions. Very high lubricating power which decreases friction and wear. 90 grade at hot temperature to provide outstanding oil film resistance at hot temperature and/or to reduce transmission noise. Fluid at low temperature to allow comfortable gear shifting.


  • High Performance/Race Spec Gear Oil
  • 0% Shear loss
  • Very High Lubrication Power
  • 90 Grade at Operating temperature
  • Reduced Transmission noise
  • Low Temperature Gear operation
  • Long Life
  • 1L Bottle (2X Bottles required for Fill)


  • Viscosity grade SAE J306 75W-90 Density at 20°C (68°F) ASTM D1298 0.897 Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 72.6 mm²/s Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 15.2 mm²/s Viscosity index ASTM D2270 222 Flash point ASTM D92 200°C / 392°F Pour point ASTM D97 -60°C / -76°F
  • STANDARDS API GL4 and GL5 / MIL-L-2105D





  • 1.65L Fill Capacity (2X- 1L Bottles Required)

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