After months of development and tens of thousands of miles of testing, our new machined venturi unit for the V1 and V2 Intake for the Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio is here.

This is a small unit designed to create pressure drop and satisfy a threshold within the ECU evaporative emissions pressure from the intake, which Alfa Romeo increased sensitivity to in their W05 Software Recall/Update. On most intakes, this causes a P1CEA code. This code is not harmful, but a nuisance. Our new venturi piece solves this issue.

  • Users who have purchased and are using  our V1 or V2 Intake
  • Users whose cars have been updated to the W05 software recall
  • Users who are receiving a CEL, with DTC code showing as P1CEA
  • NOTE: If you have EURO+DRIVE in addition to your intake, we are able to eliminate this P1CEA code and reset the venturi thresholds via your tune file. Purchasing this venturi unit is not mandatory for you.

Our new venturi is an independent unit fabbed and machined to the exact specifications of the stock venturi. The development of a brand new EVAP venturi has directly increased the cost of the intake kit by a small amount. This is primarily why we designed the original venturi the way it was, to keep cost down for the end user. However, changes to the factory calibration by Alfa Romeo has necessitated this change in order to make it work successfully with no CELs. We are offering this at a price below cost.






  • Plug & Play Replacement
  • Easy Installation, no alteration to vehicle required
  • Will NOT trigger Check Engine Lights
  • New Machined EVAP Venturi, W05 Compatible, NO CELS
  • World Wide fitment for all Giulia & Stelvio 2.0L Petrol (gasoline) engines
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0L Turbo
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0L Turbo
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