This is a preview of our soon to be released intercooler kit for the Fiat 124 Spider/Abarth. 

Our intercooler is 56% larger than the stock intercooler core, plus it's a bar and plate type so these two factors combine to give far more cooling power than the factory intercooler. This is the largest intercooler ever offered for this engine in any chassis.

We improved flow, not only by using a larger intercooler core, but by improving the pipes taking the charge air to and from the intercooler. The factory pipes CHOKE down to a 1.5" id, which is way too small for this engine, especially in the case of modified engines. Our pipes have smoother bends and are a minimum of 2.0" id from just after the turbo. They go up to 2.5" in some sections, and far out flow the factory parts.

Entry to the plastic end tanks is a mere 1.5  inches. Our intercooler kit has end tanks with improved flow, and an inlet size of 2.5 inches.

Beta testing for the 124 Automatic is complete and production is starting next week. The Abarth Manual kit will go into beta testing shortly after.







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