We met up with our friend, Stevie, this morning to play around with some Pops/Bangs.
This is a catless setup, on Euro+Drive P1, with Pops & Bangs, 4K RPM Launch Control and rev limit, and catless CEL elimination.
These features can also be used on a catted setup (high flow CAT is recommended). This is a safe, OEM style feature that does not dump any excess fuel or interfere with drivability. This add-on only affects deceleration overrun and idle revving.


  • Devin

    I installed a catless downpipe so I could get pops and bangs in the future but it currently sounds like an airplane from 2-3 thousand rpms and advice to reduce the drone yet still get pops and bangs in the future

  • christopher spencer

    Is the Pops and bangs something that is programmed in conjunction with the 695 TF map leaving one space open in car for the Phase 2 map??

  • Nicholas Garofalo

    How exactly does the launch control work? Is it just a ref limiter or does it operate like a 2 step?

  • Ewan Miller

    how do I get this?

  • Chris@EURO

    Hi Tom,

    This is an add-on for current Euro+Drive users. Please see: https://shopeurocompulsion.net/collections/abarth-engine/products/euro-drive-phase-2-plus-add-on-abarth-fiat-500t

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