January 20, 2017




EUROCOMPULSION is proud to offer EURO+DRIVE Direct ECU Tuning with clone options for the FIAT 124 SPIDER.

With direct tuning access to the 124 Spider ECU, and using genuine OEM software and protocols, we are able to remap the factory ECU with improved parameters and performance while maintaining factory safety systems and information.

Features Include:

  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Optimized power at mid to higher rpm
  • More efficient boost curve and increase for a more linear power-band
  • Improved driving characteristics
  • Improved fuel efficiency at part throttle and cruise
  • Improved torque vectoring and limiting reduction for greater power overall
  • Optimized shift points and rpm vectoring for the Automatic transmission
  • Increased 0-100mph range for both AT and MT cars
  • Increased acceleration rates for both AT and MT cars
  • Can be custom tailored to existing or future modifications
  • Clone option preserves factory warranty

This calibration was designed with the overall enthusiast in mind, achieving aggressive performance but still maintaining safety and longevity for all mechanical parts and components. This tune can be run on a modified vehicle, or a completely stock vehicle with stellar results. 

In stock form, there were many things to improve. Throttle response was slow, high rpm power was lacking, and mid range power (which is most utilized in driving scenarios) simply did not last long enough. All of these parameters were improved. Fuel efficiency was also targeted. The stock air/fuel targets at part throttle and cruise were too rich, using more fuel than necessary. This was also rectified. Most notably is the improved acceleration in each gear, especially for the automatic transmission.

How to utilize this calibration:

At this time, this tune must be flashed directly to the ECU. Your stock ECU must be used to obtain your original file for any tuned calibrations to be made. By maintaining the OEM factory software, this tune is untraceable when present on your ECU.


At the time of purchase, your stock ECU must be sent in for evaluation. We can either tune your factory ECU directly, or for an added charge we can clone your stock ECU onto another factory ECU. This second ECU can be flashed with the remapped calibration (Phase 1), and both units (stock & tuned) can be swapped back and forth at anytime. This ensures protection of your factory warranty.

Phase 1 is available for both the automatic transmission and the manual transmission, each having their own exclusive calibration. We currently have testing results from the automatic transmission, and will have them for the manual transmission shortly. The manual transmission results will be approximately 3-5% higher than the automatic.

We chose to tackle the automatic transmission first. Typically, auto trans vehicles present more challenges than a manual trans with regards to torque limiters, overboost limitations, and acceleration rates. We decided to take these head on, and applied what differences we spotted in testing to perfect our manual transmission tunes as well. 

These results will also apply to world market vehicles, both the base and Abarth versions in Europe and Australia. 

Future upgrades will include a more aggressive Phase 2 calibration, and we are pursuing OBDII flashing of our calibrations.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for more information.



EMilio said:

I just purchased a guilia sport model. I wanted to know if you offer exhaust and computer upgrades. Thanks


piero said:

Does this tuning help with turbo lag? Looking to replicate the 500 rpm advantage the Abarth tuning has over the lusso/classic tuning.

Dave Kisner

Dave Kisner said:

Is there a projected date for the release of the Phase II ECU tuning for the 124 Spider AT?

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