This is a guide and recommended part break-down for those desiring to get the most/reliable power out of their Fiat 500 Abarth. This guide is broken up by Calibration Phases we have developed for the Car via the EURO+DRIVE ® System. These Calibration Phases/Tunes have been tested to a point of exhaustion by us on multiple vehicles for extended amount of miles as well as our sponsored "Jolly Club" members. This is a guide based on what we have utilized to achieve the most power reliably.You can use other parts that are available of the market but we cannot guarantee the reliability/performance of other parts since they are untested.







Devil is in the Details:

 The parts listed above are minimum requirements to safely and reliably run the corresponding calibration/tune files. The better hardware (parts) you have the more efficiently the vehicle will run. Improved exhaust components (IE ATP/MAGNAFLOW/EL GATO) will assist with efficiency but are not mandatory.

SparkPlugs: (The Skinny)

  • NGK  SIKR9A7 (OEM)
  • NGK DCPREIX (1-Step upgrade over stock and inexpensive)

 Sparkplugs are vitally important with these engines and calibrations. Gapping the plugs properly is also extremely important (why we do it for you). We have tools at our disposal that allow us to properly gap the plugs without stressing the ground strap or damaging the electrode. The Brisk silver plugs are intended for spirited drivers as they need to see higher combustion temps to prevent premature fouling since they are a colder variant plug. They perform very well but have a lower resistance to fouling. The NGK variant plugs can be used in mixed driving such as a car that is a daily driver during the week but a spirited driver on the weekend. they perform well in both areas but do not provide the all out performance of the Brisk plugs. Determine how you drive the car before ordering.

Coilpacks: (The Skinny)

 Coil-packs as they came from the factory on the 1.4L turbo variants (Fiat 124/500T,500L,Fiat 500 Abarth, Dodge dart 1.4L) are BERU models. They are OK for a stock vehicle and even then they do have a high failure rate. They have undergone multiple revisions but still fall far short of a decent coil-pack. The coil-packs in these cars have to deal with a very high amount of heat and unfortunately with heat comes decreased spark and efficiency. The BOSCH units are less susceptible to this and perform leaps and bounds above the BERU units. We have seen with the BOSCH coil-packs better initial ignition (startup), better idle and better heavy load performance that come close to rivaling the Ignition Project $$$$ coil-packs.

Front Mount Inter-Cooler: (The Skinny)

 The factory Side Mount inter-coolers are decent at keeping IAT's decently cool but this system is very susceptible to leaks which in-turn cause poor performance and can cause over-speed conditions within the turbo charger and can ultimately lead to premature turbo failure. The Eurocompulsion FMIC Inter-Cooler kit brings the connection point count down to (4) from the factory connection point count of (14). The factory connection points also include (3) slip joint connections that will fail as the internal seals tear after a period of time. Some cheaper inter-cooler kits on the market do not replace ALL of the inter-cooler hoses leaving vital hoses un-replaced. The Eurocompulsion Inter-cooler also utilizes Kevlar reinforced hoses that protect from high pressure and heat, exponentially improving performance and reliability.

 In summation the 1.4L engine has two Achilles heels when increasing performance. namely a weak ignition system and the high potential of boost leaks. Replacing and upgrading these two pivotal systems will greatly improve performance and more importantly reliability. Other items that can fail are solenoid based such as the factory waste-gate solenoid (causing sporadic boost pressures and turbo based CEL codes). The factory waste-gate performs decently and a good upgrade for the waste-gate is the Forge unit or the TurboSmart Unit.



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