Current Modifications (As of 5/1/2017):

About our Approach:

 The Alfa Romeo 4C was introduced into the US Market in 2015. We approached the car with a mindset to preserve its classic appearance and simply improve the cars performance with mindful bolt-on parts that increase performance, reliability and are user/ installer friendly. This car in its factory form delivers a very unique and visceral driving experience, with this in mind we aimed to preserve these characteristics.
 With the addition of these simple bolt-on items we have met our initial goals of being able to send 320hp+ to the wheels with out sacrificing drive-ability or reliability. Our car consistently is able to reach 60mph in less than 3.6sec with a top speed of well over 170mph+ (roadway limited).
 Utilizing our European made 5ply (not cheap 3ply) silicone we were able to reduce charge temps and increase engine efficiency which goes hand in hand with our calibrations, while taking full advantage of a free flowing Centerline 2.5" exhaust and mid-pipe which is perfectly paired with our V2 air induction kit. The V2 air induction kit picks up air directly from the passenger side vent further improving air-flow and decreasing induction turbulence significantly over the factory system.

 As we look towards the future we are already working on creating a more aggressive Phase 3 calibration which will take further advantage of the components you see listed here as well as some internal engine and larger turbo options we are working on developing. Exciting things happening here!

Thanks for reading. -Chris

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