EURO+DRIVE PEDAL PRO now available!

EURO+DRIVE PEDAL PRO now available!

January 29, 2018

EUROCOMPULSION is proud to present our first electronic throttle control offering, the EURO+DRIVE PEDAL PRO.

The EURO+DRIVE® Pedal Pro allows powerful end user customization and pedal response tuning done easily on the fly. The Pedal Pro's sleek and compact design offers easy installation and discreet use with a simple to use interface. 3 modes, 17 different settings, and multiple features such as anti-theft mode, full throttle launch, and snow mode.

Installation is easy, simply connect to the throttle pedal connector. Wiring installation offers two options: simply plug the Pedal Pro into the OBDII port, or traditional power and ground wire behind the OBDII port. 

The EURO+DRIVE Pedal Pro is made to be compatible with all EURO+DRIVE Flash tuning and is programmed not to interfere with full throttle tuning parameters and trims at full load.


  • 3 Modes, 17 Settings 
  • Sleek Compact Design
  • Full Throttle Launch / Snow / Anti-theft Modes
  • Simple Installation/Removal - Completely Plug & Play
  • 3X 1000/sec Micro-processors
  • Mimics ECU Throttle Signal
  • Prevents Signal Input Overload
  • Suitable for Stock to Heavily Modified Vehicles
  • Fully Compatible with ALL Euro+Drive® Calibrations/Products


Now available for all 500 Abarth, 500T, 500NA, Dodge Dart, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio, 4C, 124 Spider/Abarth, 500X, 500L, and Jeep Renegade.

For more info and purchase: HERE

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