January 05, 2017

Carlos Rodriguez @ Carefully Crafted Performance: Fiat and Alfa Romeo Certified Master Technician

 Bio: Carlos is one of the premier Fiat and Alfa Romeo certified technicians on the east coast. His enthusiasm and passion for the brand shows in his high level of competency and knowledge of the vehicles he services. He is not only a technician but an owner as well. 


  • Fiat 500 Abarth Factory Trained Technician
  • Fiat 124 Factory Trained Technician
  • Alfa Romeo 4C Factory Trained Technician
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Factory Trained Technician

 Contact Information:

  • P: 1-813.510.9520 9-5 M-F
  • E:



Kathy Burke

Kathy Burke said:

Carlos is the go to for all Alfa Romeo and Fiat owners. Passion, skill and dedication!

Bob Gordon

Bob Gordon said:

Carlos is a good person and always willing to help anyone in the automotive community. Keep up the great work Carlos!

Alex Negron

Alex Negron said:

There is no one else I would bring my car to. Carlos is a good friend and a great mechanic! Best on the east coast for sure.

Mark Maldonado

Mark Maldonado said:

Always a great experience working with Carlos Rodriguez. Anything I need done to my car weather it is maintenence or performance he always comes through with results! I have a 2013 Abarth and everything done to my car or will be done to my car will be done by Carlos. Thanks for Everything man!

Bert Whetstone

Bert Whetstone said:

I took my Abarth 500 to Carlos when problems appeared after having it serviced at another dealership. Not every Fiat/Alpha dealership has a tech like Carlos – he is a Fiat enthusiast, has modified his own 500, and takes part in Fiat-related forums and events. Needless to say he fixed the issues with my 500 and I would be happy to have him do any work to my car in the future.

Raul Mercado

Raul Mercado said:

Carlos is the man to go to if you have any questions about your Abarth. He always makes time for anybody, very smart man. I drive 2 hours for him to work on my car and the results are always perfect. He’s not just a great mechanic but a great friend. CARLOS IS THE MAN!!!



Hello Carlos, I have a 2017 Giulia Q4 Performance pack and looking for an installer for the Eurocompulsion 2.0l intake, exaust, ECU programmer, Euro+Drive pedal pro and wheel space kit if it works with my 245/40/19….all season ,Euro-drive Power pack…. I live in Georgia and coming down for vacation end of July so I figured it would be a perfect time to get the parts installed and tuned my only scare is that I live so far in case I ever need to take it back to you if I have any problems…. Have you installed any of these kits and you have time to do mine?

Thank You
July 25th to 28th Im in Orlando
Christian Egizio

Peter Javenes

Peter Javenes said:

Do you ever work out of the Miami area, or could you recommend someone in the area?

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