For those that have purchased a MY2014 or MY2015  Abarth 1.4L Multiair Turbo, the wait for flash tune availability has been frustrating and painstakingly long.

Over the last few weeks, Dimsport and Eurocompulsion have worked together and made great strides in development for this flash tuning option. However, there is still one major obstacle that has yet to be overcome.

We have established the ability to read and write via OBDII, as well as directly to the ECU when opened. As a result, they have discovered a hidden RSA key designed for security within the 2014/2015 model year communication systems, which prevents 100% completion of the write file and/or altered calibration. This means that there are a few very important sectors of the ECU file locked down by a proprietary security protocol somewhere in the system. The coding is incredibly lengthy and overly complex.

Unfortunately, without these sectors the ECU will not function regularly, and prevents successful programming. Dimsport has asked us to cease troubleshooting on these models, as we have provided all the necessary information needed. At this time, this is the only factor preventing completion and release, and Dimsport is working hard on a solution. But the process is very long, with no accurate estimation of time required, and no guarantee of completion. 

We have spent a great deal of energy attempting to bypass this system with an array of different methods, all to no avail. We are not sure why this level of security has been used, and for what purpose or intention. Some models with the same generation ECU do not exhibit the same type of security measures, making it confusing to figure out the cause or intent by FCA.

As it sits today, we will be offering the EURO+DRIVE Lite customized for the 2014-2015 model year Abarth. We are also testing a possible Clone ECU option that may work for these models in order to enable a full remap option, but it is still in development and questionable. 

We will continue to pursue an OBDII option, as well as continue development. We are also examining other models with this same gen ECU, as well as the prospective 2016-2017 models for compatibility. We are finding that some of the newer models do not have this security measure.

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